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Posted 10 days ago

Julian Dailly

40$ per hour

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Let's start with the cost; there isn't any. well, technically that's not totally true. I will require some time and trust, but this is a mutual deal. I will invest the same as you do when it comes to these two things.

As a RedHolt Showcase Candidate:

you will be the entire focus of a week-long campaign on Linkedin and all of our social media,

we will promote your profile to between 10 to 20 target companies

you will be invited to attend a monthly event with the other 3 showcase candidates from that month, as well as a range of clients and stakeholders to hiring processes from various sectors.

We try to weave together a process that will create credibility and impart a tangible momentum for you as a high potential candidate who is serious about the next chapter of your career.


What RedHolt need from you

We will ask you to create 5 videos to supplement the conversations that we will have where we seek to understand what you are looking for. We will also appreciate the texture of your career history so that we can develop an intimate narrative to use when we describe you to interested parties.


What will RedHolt provide you with

Throughout the course of the project with you, RedHolt will keep close and let you know how the process has gone. You will see the clips for your profile through the week on the RedHolt Social Media and predominantly Linkedin. At the end of the targeted approach campaign, you will receive a report of who opened the video about you AND how much of it the target watched. We aim to create opportunities for meetings that will hopefully lead to career opportunities.


What questions do I need to answer

The questions that we have designed will capture and reflect your personality, inclinations, passion and personality. As a candidate, you are more than just the sum of your achievements (which is a shallow but typical way of promoting a candidate). We would ask you to compose video responses of 60 to 120 seconds to these questions:

1. How would you articulate the main achievements in your career?
2. What is your attitude towards your work?
3. What are your core values?
4. Articulate your main abilities
5. What would ignite you in the next stage of your career

Remember, these questions are the trailer to your movie, not the movie! So don't give it all away in the videos, keep some back for the interviews that will hopefully result from the videos. The insight into who you are and what you represent as a new potential employee will come from these videos.


Thats it, the process should feel like a well oiled machine and although we can't promise a role will appear at the end of the process, 100% of people who are selected as Showcase Candidates enjoy the process and state that they got tangible value from the experience of the process.

The showcase candidate process is run by our managing partner; Chris Redmond. If you are thinking about potentially being a showcase candidate and would like a confidential conversation with Chris, please contact him directly at 


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