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Client Testimonials

As a long standing client of RedHolt, I can confidently endorse their innovative approach to recruitment. Their method, which deviates significantly from the traditional, offers the level of efficiency and convenience that is so needed in this fast-paced world we live in.

By scheduling a pre-determined review of the shortlist and a dedicated interview day, RedHolt ensures a streamlined process that greatly improves the experience for both the client and candidate. This all-in-one-day approach allows us to make an offer on the spot, this eliminating the stress of prolonged waiting periods and the risk of losing candidates to other offers. 

Sales recruitment can be expensive, especially considering the potential costs accrued during the first few months of training a new hire. One wrong decision can lead to substantial financial setbacks and a significant impact on achieving annual targets. RedHolt understands this challenge and goes the extra mile to get to know their clients intimately. This commitment to understanding their clients allows them to match the right candidate with the right client, minimizing the risk of costly errors. 

I recommend RedHolt for their unique, client-centric approach to recruitment.

Danielle Rodriguez - Chief Commercial Officer, Savanta



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