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CV Reviews

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Would you like a 60 second CV review?

Chris Redmond has recently crafted CV reviews for a few struggling candidates. After months of not being considered as good enough to interview, one person had 2 offers within a week.

EVERYONE is a good candidate, it’s about presenting yourself in the right way.

⭐️Be crisp
⭐️Be tangible about your targets & achievements
⭐️Don’t try and be a Jack of all trades, be a spearhead candidate with the right expertise
⭐️Present your personality not just your job titles
⭐️Make it user friendly

If you would like a free 60 second CV review, please click on the button below and submit your request. 

We are here to help.

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Are you worried about resigning? 

Nerve-wracking for many candidates who have secured a successful outcome from a selection process and get a great offer. They accept the offer, and then have to face that most awful of meetings and resign. 


"I've worked with these guys for 10 years"
"I am worried they will turn against me"
Don't worry
This does not need to be as hard as your heart is telling you it could be.


In fact, this is the way to make sure that your exit from your existing role is a high point, leaving your seniors, peers, and team with confirmation that you are as good as they always knew you were.
If you are in this situation and need to resign and need some structured coaching on how to do it professionally, respectfully, thoroughly, and make a very high integrity exit, then please let us know.


If you would like to watch our free 10-minute resignation video, please click the button below.


We are here to help. 

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