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The OC
Streaming, Media & Digital Entertainment Consulting

Welcome to The OC: Your Gateway to the Expertise you need

OTTRED is fundamentally based on high quality collaboration to drive Media industry innovation and growth. We’ve grown from passion and focus for the OTT industry to a community of industry experts across the media sector. Building on this success, we are excited to introduce The OC.


This evolution maximizes the consulting potential of the network by leveraging the vast knowledge and expertise of the OTTRED Community, working together for collective resilience and success.

What sets The OC apart is our emphasis on collaboration, speed and global reach. We understand that success in the media space requires a multidisciplinary approach. We partner with experts in essential disciplines for media providers. Our partners include content creators, distributors, technology providers, and regulatory experts. They are here to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

OTTRED connects clients with industry leaders to deliver three offerings.

  1. Health Check. Our leaders will work with your business to provide an overview of your organisation. They will also provide a white paper with recommendations for your business.

  2. Expertise on-demand. OTTRED provides customised benchmark services for your organisation. These services put in place best practice recommendations and offer extended fractional or interim leadership engagements.

  3. Task Force. Projects in the media sector often have a finite lifespan. The team costs can fit in CAPEX, not add fixed costs to OPEX. The OTTRED Partner team lead will form a Task Force with the right skills for the client's specific project. The  OTTRED Partner lead will then induct and oversee the team as one unit.

OTTRED 2.0 empowers you to succeed in the competitive and challenging media world, drawing on deep sector knowledge and experience. We provide knowledge, resources, and outcomes in effective, compelling ways.

Ready to take your media endeavours to the next level? Tell us about your business goals for this year. Our partners will create a blueprint based on your input.




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