Covid-19 & the Hidden Super Heroes

Recently RedHolt have started working with a new client within the pharmaceutical and medical industry, and we have been assisting them on high demand COVID 19 roles in California and the UK. We have been recruiting laboratory managers, analysts and sign out managers. For me personally, this is a new industry, as I am traditionally focussed on the banking space.

These individuals are extremely intelligent & well qualified in their field, and are working on changing & evolving the medical industry. These candidates must have PCR experience, DNA & RNA knowledge and a strong education - including a MSc or PHD in molecular biology

Whilst my team have been sourcing for these roles, it dawned on me that these individuals are hidden super heroes behind the COVID-19 pandemic. These people are in the labs every day testing samples for COVID-19 and keeping the wheel moving. They are also helping to develop a vaccine against this evil virus.

These candidates are working day and night shifts to ensure that everything is being driven in the right direction, and results are getting back to the public on a daily basis. Without these individuals, it would be extremely challenging. I personally believe that they deserve a huge amount of recognition for their hard work and support to the public

To ensure we are doing our bit, RedHolt are working around the clock to find the right candidates for these roles

If you are interested to discuss any of these roles further - please contact me at

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