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The RedBrand LinkedIn Course

Ready to drive your LinkedIn Personal Branding to another level with our RedBrand LinkedIn Course

Build your personal

brand on LinkedIn 

Using our Co-Founder, Chris Redmond's, tried and tested methodology, we’ll help you grow your niche networks, produce top-performing LinkedIn content, and stand out from the competition.

Whatever your sector, specialism, location, or size, we guarantee that our process and training will help you to reach over 25,000 relevant people and drive daily inbound leads on Linkedin, in just 6 weeks…


What is the RedBrand Academy?

The RedBrand Academy is a live training programme and online community specifically designed to give professionals the education, resources and support needed to build successful personal brands on LinkedIn that drive real inbound results and business opportunities.

What we can guarantee you

Work Blur


Optimise your profile and grow your LinkedIn network


Get the attention of your market at scale


Create daily inbound leads

Chris Redmond's Story

Ready to RedBrand?

Don’t have the time to focus on building your personal brand and generate more business opportunities on LinkedIn?

Let Chris Redmond help you with a carefully curated strategy



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