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As the UK battles through its third national lockdown, Ofcom estimates that 9% of children in the UK (between 1.1 million and 1.8 million) do not have access to a laptop, desktop, or tablet at home. 

It is devastating to hear about the families across the country who are fighting daily to homeschool their children without access to the basic equipment that is required.
We have to do something to help and we have to act now...
Set up by Chris Redmond (Managing Partner, RedHolt), Tim Roedel (CEO, Simply Commerce) and Sean Anderson (CEO, Hoxo Media)
Project 500 is a scheme that is designed to help provide some of the UK's most disadvantaged families with the laptops they desperately need.

We have spent time in January sourcing a laptop supplier and having conversations with the Head Teachers of the most impacted schools in the UK.

During February, our aim is for to engage our very own recruitment sector in order to supply 500 laptops to some of the families currently struggling. In order to do so, together we need to raise £80,000 in donations.

Between our businesses, we have donated £8,000 to the cause. We need your help to hit our target of £80,000/500 laptops.
There are approximately 28,000 recruitment agencies within the UK, and in coming together, we truly believe we can have a massive impact on the future of 100’s of children’s lives through Project 500. Getting involved is easy - just hit the "Donate with JustGiving" button to get started.

For more information on why we have we chosen to do this, you can watch the video on the left.

"I've been witness to my daughter's online learning and although it's a lot more structured that it was last year, it has still been difficult. While my daughter has all the equipment she needs, I recently heard a story about a single mother with three children who had one tablet between them - I realised I couldn't just sit back and let this continue. 

I'm also acutely aware of the impact this is going to have on some of these students who will be in the 'real world' in the next 5-7 years applying for jobs. The effect of Covid will be long term for these individuals unless we step in and help. I strongly believe the recruitment industry needs to help nurture the future of UK talent, now." - Chris Redmond 

"I have the luxury of having immediate access to up-to-date laptops that I can use to home school my children. Having experienced first-hand how difficult it is to home school during the most recent lockdown, my thoughts were drawn to how much tougher it has to be for those who are not in the fortunate position I find myself in, those families without access to the right equipment. I work hard and sacrifice a lot to put myself in this position, irrespective however I knew that I could, and quite frankly should, do something to positively impact this awful situation." - Tim Roedel

"I am an ex-school teacher, and once worked with some of the most deprived children in South Yorkshire. I still have a lot of friends that are teachers in the area and I know how difficult life is for them and their students right now.

I can't help but feel that whilst we work so hard to build successful businesses, what is the point if we can't use our skills to help the next generation? I really believe that by coming together as an industry we can make a difference and support those people in need." - Sean Anderson




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