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The 'new norm'

114 days ago, the UK went into a full lock down and it became apparent very quickly that life was going to change. These changes were effecting both my personal and professional life, and there was now going to be a ‘new norm’. Who would have thought that queueing to get into supermarkets, wearing face masks & protective gloves and social distancing would be our new way of living. So this made me wonder, how will COVID19 effect recruitment? 2 weeks after lockdown was announced, we had a campaign day planned with one of our biggest clients, consisting of 6 candidate interviews across one day, with a hiring decision to be made in the wash up session. In normal times, there would have been several face-to-face interviews in multiple office rooms, taken place in the client’s office, with RedHolt onsite to facilitate the day. The question was, how would this work now? Chris & I decided that we were going to run a ‘digital campaign’, this was a first for all parties involved. However we structured the day along the same timeline and plan as we normally would. This included a briefing in the morning before the interviews began, breaks in-between each interview where we could discuss the meetings, and a wash up. We had several zoom windows open allowing us to have ‘interview rooms’ and a main hub available where everyone could come back to, as we would if we were together at the office. The day was a success, and the client made the hire they were looking for, which was our key objective. It is so strange to think that this is now the ‘new norm’ for RedHolt, however the day felt extremely positive and productive, and all parties enjoyed this new format. If you are looking to hire right now, but are unsure on how to run interviews due to COVID19 rules, please reach out, as I would love to tell you more about how our ‘new norm’ works. At RedHolt we pride ourselves for our ‘out of the box’ thinking.

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