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RedHolt’s interviewer tips and tricks for digital interviews

Digital interviews definitely are becoming the new norm of late. Candidates are to ensure they portray themselves in the right way in a new hiring process. As difficult as it may seem for candidates, employers/interviewers to have found themselves learning a new process.

Following on from last weeks blog ‘RedHolt candidate digital interview tips’ it was time to provide some insight on this new process but this time for employers who are looking to interview fairly soon. Again, there are many do’s and don’ts an employer must remember to ensure they achieve the full potential out of their time with the candidate.

I asked the RedHolt team for a few tips and tricks for employers when digitally interviewing a candidate. Here are their responses…

Tips and Tricks

Chris Redmond - Do not treat the recording of a digital interview the same way you react to a live digital interview. When someone is only speaking to a camera, it does not posses the same level of interaction.

Make sure you interact in real time over a digital medium to get an evaluation of someones social skills and avoid using a recording of a video interview to asses those same skills.

Amanda Holt-Redmond - Make sure the interview time is solely dedicated too interviewing, prepare your questions.

Ellice Holt - Ensure you review the digital client pack that is sent over prior to the interview

Megan Palmer - Print of the the candidate CV to save you trying to switch screens during the interview.

James Gilbert - If you can get consent from the candidate, it can be a good idea to record the interview. This will allow you to watch it back, take a second look at the candidate’s answers and really make a conclusive decision on whether they were a good match. It also allows you to review and reflect on your interviewing ability and fine-tune where needs be.

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