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Recruitment Agencies... To use or not to use?

‘We don’t use recruitment agencies…’ a phrase that is used regularly for many. Recruitment agencies receive multiple reasons and excuses as to why a company will not use their services, including; In-house HR team

  • Too expensive

  • Agencies aren’t able to find a culture fit

  • Poor communication

And so on. s this really the case? In 2020, are recruitment agencies still portrayed in the same light? As always, I turned to the RedHolt team for some guidance. Here is what they had to say on why you should use a recruitment agency and what RedHolt have to offer. Why should you use a recruitment agency? Chris Redmond - Efficiency and expertise. If you require legal advice, you think carefully about which solicitor to use. If you want to sell your house, you want to work with a real estate professional who knows their trade. Companies should use recruitment agencies who demonstrate passion, expertise and who have a good reputation because they optimise the chances of identifying and securing the best candidate for the vacancy, and minimise the level of distraction and risk to heir own business. Amanda Holt-Redmond - The time to hire is quicker. We are able to provide a thorough screening process. Recruitment agencies have specialist skills in the area of hiring. Ellice Holt - We provide speed and efficiency around finding the right candidate. James Gilbert - Certain agencies will have years of expert experience in specific sectors and therefore will be able to provide valuable industry insights and in-depth market knowledge which can prove extremely beneficial when searching for critical hires. Megan Palmer - Naturally a smoother process through a recruitment agency. We are able to dedicate a consultant to your hire. So there you have it. RedHolt pride themselves on an efficient process, providing a dedicated consultant to manage your hire, using a thorough screening process to produce a secure shortlist and much more. What are your thoughts on using a recruitment agency? Have you had any previous experiences you would like to share?

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