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Walter Bardelle

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Walter Bardelle




Walter brings almost twenty years of leadership in the media and technology sectors, with a focus on operational and strategic development of digital solutions. His expertise spans live video streaming, OTT, and D2C platforms, where he has been instrumental in launching significant services for major sports federations and broadcasters globally. This underscores his ability to lead complex projects to success.


Statement of intention for being a partner at OTT Red

As a newly appointed Partner at OTTRED, my intention is to leverage my background in media and technology to enrich our community with industry insights, innovative strategies, and a vision for the future of digital media. Drawing on my experiences from managing large-scale operations and pioneering digital solutions, I aim to foster a collaborative environment where members can share knowledge, challenge the status quo, and make a real impact. My passion and curiosity for emerging technologies and my commitment to creating impactful customer experiences motivate me to contribute to OTTRED's mission of being a dynamic, resourceful hub. I am eager to engage with fellow members and partners, sharing wisdom and strategies that propel us towards shaping the next wave of digital media together.

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