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Mark Rawlings Smith

Alliances & Partnerships

Mark Rawlings Smith




Mark loves the Media and Entertainment industry in terms of the people, the technology and the endless opportunities. Since the year 2000, his career has developed through technical and commercial customer facing roles. System thinking and design has underpinned his work. Throw in some competitive commercial nature, and that's why he is working in Partnerships today. More specifically, the opportunity which Cloud and other Technology Partnerships present to technology product companies has exploded in recent years. Today, that's his focus and he is proud to be the Strategic Alliance lead at Wowza, arguably the most understated leading video technology out there.

More publicly, Mark writes about The Partnership Mindset. An approach he has developed which both aligns his values outside of work, to include mind and body, and the planet we call home.


Statement of intention for being a partner at OTT Red

The Future of Work has changed. Never has the cliché of personal brand been more important. What's more, the convergence we are seeing across Gaming, OTT and more will drive significant change. OTTRed not only embraces but is leading these changes across the industry. As a partner, my intent is to offer, as best I can, support in developing the direction and promotion of the collective intellectual capacity and experience which exists across the group.

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