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Maria Ingold

Artificial Intelligence

Maria Ingold




Maria is a strategic innovator with 20+ years’ expertise as a CTO, specialising in video streaming and using Artificial Intelligence to make and save money—ethically. As a board advisor, Maria has positioned AI media start-ups, including iSIZE—which can save 25% of streaming costs—sold to Sony Interactive Entertainment. She has consulted internationally for over a decade, using her “Six Steps to Success” to innovate streaming solutions and private equity technical due-diligence across EMEA, including into emerging or unusual markets.

She recently led Global Solution Engineering and Bids & Proposals for Synamedia, the largest global video solution vendor for service providers and content owners. As the former CTO for Disney / Sony JV, FilmFlex Movies, Maria delivered some of the most successful on-demand movie services in Europe from launch, including for Virgin Media cable and broadcaster Channel 4. FilmFlex was profitable from year one. With her unique background in Computer Science and Art, Maria started her career at IBM and Ocean Software, helping invent the beginning of audio, video and games on personal computers. Maria is also a global public speaker, BAFTA film and TV judge, and is doing an MSc in Artificial Intelligence.


Statement of intention for being a partner at OTT Red

One, demystify AI through public speaking by providing vocabulary and practical use cases to Media and Entertainment executives globally, so we can build a shared understanding. Two, create an AI in media ecosystem which can help solve issues, and educate industry as to the possibilities and potential. Three, help industry make and save money using Artificial Intelligence (and other forms of innovation)—ethically and responsibly, while increasing sustainability and minimizing bias.

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