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Kirill Magaev

Strategy And Leadership

Kirill Magaev




Introducing Kirill, a visionary leader and entrepreneur in the world of sports media. As the Founder of a sports OTT platform XYZ Sports TV, Kirill has spearheaded the development and success of this pioneering SVOD broadcasting platform, specializing in niche sports across Europe. With over five years of executive leadership experience, Kirill has demonstrated his ability to manage diverse teams, oversee operations, and strategically allocate resources, all while fostering continuous growth and success.

Beyond his role at XYZ Sports TV, Kirill has also made significant contributions as an independent media and marketing consultant, providing invaluable market entry consulting, strategic advice, and event planning expertise to various clients in the sports industry.

Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, Kirill served as senior manager of media rights at international sports agency, where he played a key role in expanding reach, negotiating deals, and achieving impressive revenue growth in the Olympic Games media rights sector.

With a proven track record of success and a deep understanding of the sports media landscape, Kirill is a driving force behind innovation and excellence in the industry.


Statement of intention for being a partner at OTT Red

As a proud partner of the OTTRED community, I am committed to fostering collaborative growth and innovation within the realm of OTT media. My primary expectation is to engage with like-minded professionals, exchange insights, and contribute to meaningful discussions that drive the industry forward. With a wealth of experience in OTT platform development and media strategy, I aim to bring valuable expertise to the community, offering insights, guidance, and practical solutions to address challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Together, I believe we can shape the future of OTT media and create lasting impact in this dynamic and ever-evolving landscape.

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