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Joop Van Kammen

Sales Leadership

Joop Van Kammen




Joop is an accomplished commercial, senior C-level manager with a very broad technical background, recognized for developing scalable business across the globe, especially in Europe, China and India. He considers himself as a performance-driven professional, offering around thirty-three years plus entrepreneurial experience in (international) strategic business/ commercial management and development. Along with his career, he has acquired deep experience in many areas like telecommunications, IT, broadcasting, Pay TV/ OTT streaming media markets and legal matters, in which, from a sales leadership perspective, has had many successes.


Statement of intention for being a partner at OTT Red

The intention for being a Partner at OTTRED is that I would like to contribute to all members and partners in sharing my broad experience and knowledge of technology, business, legal in the broadest sense. I do believe that the OTTRED community is a community that already has the potential to be the largest online, dynamic community in sharing creativity, passion, wisdom, strategic insights and above all, what people really moves to be active in our wonderful OTT world.

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