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James Mcdonnell

Industry Skills

James Mcdonnell




James has been in training and consultancy for the broadcast industry since 2008. Prior to establishing Tequate in 2021, he worked for other training organisations as a global account manager, gaining valuable experience as the first point of call, assessing customer needs and providing highly targeted knowledge services for companies across the spectrum within Broadcast and OTT, as well as the Telco Cloud and Service provider arena.

With approaching two decades of experience (and counting) he has encountered a huge and diverse range of requirements for every imaginable type of client in the Broadcast/OTT and Telco Cloud Spheres, including Quadruple Play Service Providers, Telecom Cloud providers, Mobile operators, Consumer Equipment Manufacturers, broadcasters, and specialist broadcast streaming, solutions, Vendors, and other specialist service providers.


Statement of intention for being a partner at OTT Red

The mission is to help companies engaged in the Broadcast and OTT Ecosystem, to identify the weak spots in the skills of their crucial technical and commercial strategy teams, and then provide highly bespoke solutions, to accelerate knowledge acquisition, benchmark teams that work together, and provide a common knowledge framework to enable projects and initiatives.

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