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Many companies fall behind the curve when it comes to their need to keep up with hiring demand. After working for more than half of my career on leadership teams I know how problematic this can be for a company. It’s a problem that arises from issues that are easy to identify, and easy to remedy if you know how. See if you recognise any of these characteristics from conversations about hiring in your own firm: - Lacking a hiring plan aligned to the budget and targeted growth. Either no one knows how to create this, there wasn’t enough time when the budgets were being created, or no one has responsibility to own and drive it. - There isn’t a firm and concise hiring process in your company. This means that multiple rogue agencies are involved with each department, and that everyone runs their own empire. Some departments take ages and have multiple stage interviews, others rush hires through at the last minute or when it’s too late to make a good decision. - No one owns quality metrics that are regularly reviewed to assure confidence that hiring is good quality. When this occurs companies get stuck in a negative spiral that’s hard to get out of. The reason is that they get so far behind their hiring need that they don’t have the means to manage the sheer volume of hires that are needed, and the central control function to grasp the nettle isn’t there. The company is left in a situation where the need for hires continues to grow, the ability to hire gets relatively weaker under the pressure, the remaining staff are forced to try and pick up the workload. Usually this results in greater attrition and dissatisfaction among existing teams increasing. It can be a spiral that takes a company months or years to get out of. The only way to start to close the gap is to accelerate hiring. It’s essential to have a clear plan of what roles you need to hire for, that you can proactively approach candidates with the skills you want to attract, and that you have a crisp process that all hiring managers are bought into where critical decision points are booked at the start of the process. RedHolt are very proud to offer our clients over a decade of experience in orchestrating exactly this kind of process for clients all over the world. Although we do have sector expertise in FinTech as the spine of our identity, the benefit of our accelerated hiring approach is sector agnostic. In the last 2 years alone we have hosted accelerated hiring campaigns for companies in the following sectors: - Venture Capital - Global event management - Sports marketing - Software development - Military aerospace - Land Defense systems - Global Banking software The campaign approach often receives compliments from all stakeholders. Clients feel confidence from knowing what dates they will receive shortlist’s and what dates they will be needed for interviews. Candidates appreciate knowing that they will attend a set number of interviews (often all on the same day) and that the client will make their decision on a specific date. Most importantly we reinstate confidence that the hiring gap is being closed and clients are getting back on top of their hiring demand. It is not uncommon for clients to refuse to go back to “normal” recruitment (which typically means unstructured recruitment) once they have experienced the RedHolt campaign approach. Many companies experience moments where they need a more accelerated compliment to their normal recruitment. RedHolt can easily step in and compose a statement of work within 24 hours then mobilise your accelerated solution within hours of sign off of the SOW. Speak to us for advice or to explore a discussion about how RedHolt can assist.

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