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RedHolt are very very proud to be part of the sponsorship for an expedition to the top of the world. We are all inspired by the power, elegance and magnitude of mountains and in the coming few days Kevin and his team will tackle the biggest mountain in the world. Please use the link below to sponsor them. This 15 day Trek is going to be very, very tough. Kevin and his team have invested weeks in the preparation necessary for this kind of challenge.

Of course, Kevin will be taking a RedHolt flag with him!

We asked Kevin to feature as a RedHolt winner and answer the short questions that Conor and Andrew have provided answers to in their #winning blogs. Read below and enjoy the insight into someone who literally has the attitude you need to conquer mountains:

Is there a single characteristic you have that you would associate your success

I'm a huge believer in positivity and a positive state of mind. You cannot lead a positive life, with a negative mindset! You can adopt this approach so many many aspects of your personal life or business!

What is your attitude towards failing

I believe failure is completely acceptable and necessary to grow as person. We all fail as people but the vital lesson, is to learn from our failings and grow. We all make mistakes, but repeating mistakes shows we have not learned!

What advice would you give to your Son or Daughter when it comes to how to live their life

Be yourself and strive to be the 'best version' of yourself you can be. Don't overthink things and always be prepared to 'let go'. Live, love and laugh. My life motto is "Add life to your days, not days to your life"

To follow Kevins amazing expedition on Facebook, the link is:

or Instagram:

PLEASE sponsor Kevin, who is raising money for 'The Rose Blossom Trust' and in memory of 'Darcie Rose' 💜💜

Just days of readying kit and training left before we fly to Kathmandu in Nepal for Kevin. Winner. God speed Kevin and team.

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