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Day 2 of the RedHolt winners blogs is about one of my oldest friends and someone who has supported the growth of RedHolt. In addition Andrew has held a range of international roles in corporates, navigated the private equity world as the CEO and completed numerous tours of duty in the British Special Forces. Andrew is an inspiration to many and is always humble and approachable to people who want to engage him. Here is a blog to provide the insight into how Andrew became a #winner.

Andrew Powell grew up on one of the most run down council estates in South Wales.

The Saltings, was no place for the feint hearted and it is these beginnings that Andrew says gave him a real determination to succeed in life.

Andrew played sport to a very high level as a teenager and always felt that he would make it as a professional footballer. However, less than 2% of those who play at that level actually make it and Andrew was in the 98%. His parents could not afford a University based education and as a result and realising he faced a future in a South Wales factory or worse, Andrew left school and went straight into the Military.

He arrived at The Army Apprentices College in Harrogate as a fresh faced sixteen year old where he trained as an Electronic Engineer and played sport at the highest military levels, captaining the Army and Combined Services at Football and also playing rugby and boxing to a very high standard. One of his favorite pictures was taken alongside the legendary John Conteh.

He graduated as a junior Squadron Sargent Major and went on to complete his training at Catterick Garrison.

An eleven year military career followed to include five years serving with the British Special Forces, where Andrew passed selection at just twenty years of age.

At twenty-six and having served in many conflicts, to include: The Gulf war, Kuwait, Bosnia, Northern Ireland and several other global conflict zones Andrew decided as a very young Staff Sargent that he would head for the business world.

A wide and varied career followed where Andrew built his way from a project manager role, through leading change programmes with brands such as Boots and Tesco, building and losing a business, an Executive Career at a FTSE 250 and now in a Private Equity role where he has just completed the Management Buy Out (MBO), from Lloyds Development Capital of The Training Room.

Andrew is passionate about charity and is a Charity Champion for Dreams Come True, a charity that focuses on bringing individual dreams to fruition for terminally ill and life impaired children.

As a result he has completed many marathons, to include running New York with 35lbs on his back and he hosts, with his wife Sally, many tribute nights and gala balls to raise money.

Here are the questions that we have asked to each of the winners that we will feature this week and the responses from Andrew:

Is there a single characteristic you have that you would associate your success

Having the right attitude is key. I constantly share with my young talent that skills and experience can be gained but having the right attitude is a very personal choice and something that cannot be trained. Waking up each day, knowing that life is meant to be played out on a stage and knowing that if you have the right attitude to take onto that stage each day it will inspire people around you.

What is your attitude towards failing

I fail every day at something. Without failing you cannot learn. I like to put myself into scenarios where experiential learning can be gleaned very quickly. I never turn down a great offer to learn something new. I have walked into roles and challenges with little or no experience associated with the role to be undertaken. I love to learn as I go and I make sure that I learn every day. Having the right attitude and treating failure as a learning opportunity has enabled me to have some amazing experiences.

What advice would you give to your Son or Daughter when it comes to how to live their life

I am not a religious man and as a result I see life as a ‘one shot at the title scenario’. I tell my children every day that I love them and that they should embrace every single opportunity to explore what life has to throw at them. Life is far too short not to embrace it and to maximize every single experience. My eldest daughter is only 24 but she has already lived and worked in Malta for HSBC and in Canada for Admiral Insurance. She has her own house and is really making a go of life. This makes me feel very proud and shows me that maybe some of what I have shared with her, in terms of an attitude to life, is rubbing off.

RedHolt would like to say thank you to Andrew and

Andrew Powell

Chief Executive Officer M: 07799 903 108 E:

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