Just took my seat on the new dreamliner, heading back to London after an amazing 6-day trip in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have travelled South East Asia a few years ago, but never Kuala Lumpur, so it remained a city I have always wanted to visit, and it did not disappoint.

The main purpose for RedHolt’s trip to KL was to meet the APAC team, and what a pleasure it was to do so, our goal was have our annual sales kick off, as well get to know each other as a team. We also had meetings with several candidates that are involved in the recruitment process for roles that RedHolt are working on in APAC, adding a personal touch and taking full advantage of the opportunity to meet on a face to face basis. Engaging with candidates on a personal level really helps RedHolt to understand the needs of each candidate and define what they require out of the process, making the recruitment journey pleasant for both the candidate and client.

We also met with clients such as MasterCard and Amazon to understand their APAC businesses, and how RedHolt can help them in avcelerating their growth. It was fantastic to meet different clients and appreciate their personal journeys, and listen to them explain how they have reached the level they are at now within their career. All of the engagements that we joined whist in KL were very successful. One of our Managing Partners, Amanda, is already planning to return in May to grow & build on these relationships, and increase our APAC network.

As you may have seen via social media, this week is a special week for Redholt, as it is our 1st anniversary. As this anniversary meant a lot to the RedHolt team, we decided that the perfect way to celebrate would be to hold our year 2 annual kick off in Malaysia. This meeting was led by our Managing Partner, Chris Redmond, who was based in our UK office, and Amanda Holt, who was here with us in Malaysia.

Both Managing partners are very passionate about the accomplishments of the business and with pride congratulated the RedHolt team by presenting our achievements in the last year (7 employees, 2 global offices, 23 signed clients and 32 placements globally), and the vision for year 2.

This trip has been remarkable and for me the highlight that I will take from the experience is meeting new people, working with the APAC RedHolt team has been brilliant. This trip has encouraged me to dream big, RedHolt was founded 1 year ago, the two managing partners believed in their own success to create a business that would enable them to find joy and happiness from what they do daily. Within a year the team has trebled, and we are a global company. As a team member of RedHolt, I feel that we are a family and the phase ‘Team Work makes the dream work’ really does apply to us. We all have the same attitude and love what we do. I am grateful to be involved in a company that is going from strength to strength and I am beyond eager to see what year 2 has instore for the RedHolt family…

Next stop…the big city! North America we are coming for you....

Ellice Holt

Delivery Consultant

RedHolt Search & Advisory

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