Welcome to RedHolt, a Search Company that has been set up to deliver excellence in service. RedHolt is the result of 30 years of combined experience from the founders, Amanda Holt and Chris Redmond.

Amanda spent 10 years in the executive search division of one of the fastest growing recruitment companies in London. Amanda learnt about the benefits of running fast and effective selection processes for demanding roles from the age of 17 and worked her way up to running C-Level searches for software and FinTech companies.

Chris worked in Telecoms and the Software sectors before coming to recruitment and sitting on the board of two global recruitment companies. Chris set up the Professional Services division for Colt before becoming Operations Director. He also sat on the global board of Qmatic as VP of Indirect sales, successfully establishing sales operations in Moscow, Dubai, Sao Paulo and Bogota.

RedHolt is about excellent service at the core. The passion for exemplary delivery is anchored to the experience shared by Amanda and Chris that well orchestrated recruitment activities should be clear and run to exacting milestones. Chris experienced what he calls "the dark art of recruitment" as a customer many times and assures all clients that RedHolt will never operate that way. Clients should always know what is going to happen next.

Chris Redmond is enthusiastic about how much value RedHolt can deliver to clients in the first year of trading "Its an exciting time for RedHolt and all of the friends we have who have been so supportive. People who have worked with me before will know how positive and enthusiastic I am about the projects I am involved with. This is the most exciting one in my career yet".

Amanda has a specialism in the FinTech space and is looking forward to advancing relationships with leading brands in this area. Amanda is very clear and positive about being a founder director at RedHolt,"Over the past 10 years I have developed relationships based on proving my ability. I am looking forward to leading my own brand in the search space. Bringing transparency to delivery processes for our clients will help ensure confidence and create satisfied clients".

Amanda and Chris are optimistic that their first hand experience of client side thinking, excellence in delivery processes and passion for results will create a solid foundation for RedHolt to earn a great reputation in its space.

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