A partnership only works at its best when both parties believe in the purpose of the relationship and are prepared to invest to create value. This is the way that the bond between a search provider and a candidate or client has to operate. At RedHolt we try to engender trust with both candidates and clients through being clear and honest. It is vitally important that both sides adopt this attitude as both want a successful search.

The main distraction for clients is usually time. Recruitment takes time and it is pure hard graft to make your way through dozens of potentials the find "the one". This is the main reason that people use external partners to assist with recruitment. At RedHolt we help busy hiring managers by simply setting clear milestones in our searches and building a project plan. A hiring manager should feel as though we treat their time with respect and use their time effectively when we secure it. Investing time in planned amounts with a search consultant is a wise investment and will create a satisfactory result. A good consultant will assist their client with diary management in advance to create confidence around an organised search.

Candidates know that they are the product, and are therefore driven by the roles that attract them. The role of the consultant for a candidate is to earn trust, and at the very least confidence, quickly. This is where the partnership between a candidate and a consultant starts. The consultant should quickly become the trusted adviser. The investment from the candidate has to be honesty and availability. These things create effective content for the discussion at the pre-planned meetings with busy hiring managers.

A good search process is an ecosystem of relationships and exchanges between stakeholders. Everyone should want a strong result, and therefore should invest in the eco-system. The best search processes that I have every seen, at exec level or through in-house recruiters, recognise the eco-system. The best search consultants I have ever seen embrace the eco-system of their client and candidate partnerships and have made an art of how to make sure everyone gets a great experience as well as the outcome desired.

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