Everyone has access to the science, Captivating the attention of candidates and securing credibility is the art!





No matter how much we advocate our services, our clients and candidates ultimately make the decisions that matter. We know that that there are some basics that are always true in exceptionally compelling approaches to recruitment at any level. Initially, identifying candidates is the easy part of a process in the digital age; everyone has access to the science. Captivating the attention of candidates and securing credibility is the art. Finally, we believe deeply in robust process and the basics being done well. We Recognise where emphasis is required in a selection process that we are entrusted with at any level.

Executive Search

Structured and reliable global search practice. Highly assured by passion for the outcomes our clients require.  Underpinned with attention to detail and exemplary service.  

Our executive search and selection is refined and well rehearsed.  Each search is discussed and understood thoroughly.  We always set expectations on timescales that are backed up and documented in our statement of work.  Our policy has been to invest in the most powerful search technology so that we accelerate from moment a client instructs us to proceed.  

Our executive search methodology is sector agnostic, but most of the practice we have had over the last decade has been through Amanda Holt, Managing Partner, in the FinTech arena.  More recently our experience has benefitted clients in the Private Equity and Venture Capital space.  Their attraction to using RedHolt originates from motivation to move fast without compromising quality.  


Hybrid RPO

Project based approach to making multiple hires in condensed timeframes, often across timezones and multiple locations.  Milestones, regular reports & service level agreements create a confident approach. 

Our Hybrid RPO solution liberates in-house recruiters from being bogged down with the heavy lifting of candidate identification, attraction and shortlisting.  Consultants who have proven themselves in the world of agency delivery often want to work in-house to use their advanced stakeholder management skills and work on more strategic recruitment projects.  But sourcing is a time intensive job and requires a specific attitude and mindset. 


RedHolt are providing an answer to this problem that allows companies to realise the benefits of having an in-house team.  Our Hybrid RPO model is underpinned by LinkedIn Recruiter platform, meaning we invest into the most powerful foundation for our offering.  We develop compelling Talent Attraction scripts for our local teams in the UK and Kuala Lumpur to engage candidates with and work as a seamlessly with in-house recruiters.   RedHolt thrive on the initial candidate identification and attraction and generation of shortlists.  Overall benefits; in-house team are more productive, candidates receive a compelling experience from the first engagement and all assured by one of the most solid platforms globally.  



Consultancy services to assist and enhance our clients with their strategic approach.  Hiring the right people is essential, RedHolt+ is the intelligence engine to support client hiring strategies.  

The reality is that often companies need to help of consultants, but fear being tied into long term contracts that are hard to get out of and end up being expensive.  

RedHolt+ is delivered by some of the most experienced people in the world when it comes to understanding process and policy in recruitment.  Our lead consultant was the spearhead for the development of the digital recruitment for the UK Government.  


We have a modular approach that allows clients to take the packages they want when they want.  Its easy, cost effective and keeps the engagement under control.    



Search & Advisory Services




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