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Team RedHolt - giving back

We consider ourselves to be a little group of very lucky people at RedHolt. We have our physical and mental health, good families, the opportunity to earn and have fun and we always like to have a lot of fun. But many people don't have some of these things. Through no fault of their own they are living lives with challenges that we are fortunate enough not to have to cope with and face every day. We decided to use what we have to balance the scales a little bit and offer something back. So we have done 2 things:

1 - Run the London Marathon on the 28th April 2019

2 - Set up TeamRedHolt for special smaller charitable events that we create

We wanted to run for a charity that changes lives and makes families smile so thats why we chose Ambitious about Autism. Ambitious about Autism is the national charity for children and young people with autism. They provide amazing services, raise awareness and understanding in some fantastic ways, and campaign for change tirelessly. Just check out TreeHouse School, The Rise School and Ambitious College where they offer specialist education and support. Ambitious College, what a fantastic name for a place that changes young peoples lives. I can't think of a name that inspires a stronger sense of purpose.

The joint ambition of TeamRedHolt and Ambitious about Autism is to make the ordinary possible for more children and young people with autism. Thats why we are doing these things and thats why Ellice and I are running the London Marathon.

Please sponsor Ellice​ and I as we train for the big event in April. We are 4 weeks into a 25 weeks training programme that we are sticking to religiously! Today at 0800 we will be doing a 17km training run. Then this week we will also be running another 15km, and 17km run. Hows that!

Please donate and be part of raising £5,000 by April. Its so easy its ridiculous, you just use the JustGiving page to donate as much as you would like to for this amazing charity, and we will do the hard work. Couldn't be easier to be part of such a fun and worthwhile moment in life. Oh, and thank you in advance, we appreciate it, but the kids at these superb facilities appreciate it more.

Please click the link below to become part of our challenge and smash the £5,000 target.

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