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RedHolt’s candidate tips and tricks for digital interviews

A digital interview is an interview that's set up online by an employer and sent out to candidates. In a digital interview, candidates can chat live on their webcam with members of the hiring team, or record themselves answering questions for the hiring team to review at their convenience.

Digital interviews have been introduced mainly to allow hiring processes to continue during the global pandemic. If you have not come across a digital interview before, it is vital that you familiarise yourself with the do’s and don’ts. This is so you can show your full potential and look professional, providing yourself with a better chance of success.

As you may be aware, RedHolt have upheld the name ‘digital nomads.’ One of the main reasoning for this is our unique interview process. RedHolt had started a digital interview process long before it had become the ‘new norm’ enabling hiring managers to complete all interviews in one day, known as a campaign day, saving precious time.

RedHolt have provided many candidates tips and tricks for digital interviews so I thought now was the time to ask the RedHolt consultants to share these digital interview secrets with all candidates. I asked each member of the team for one tip they would give a candidate prior to a digital interview. Here are their responses….

Tips and Tricks

Chris Redmond - Managing partner:

You should put yourself in the shoes of the person who is watching the interview. The interviewer will not only be listening to the interview but will be using the video as a way to look at your personality and how warm, friendly and likeable you are. It is not only about the detail of your answer but it is also about the way you come across, be empathetic not transactional.

Amanda Holt-Redmond - Managing Partner:

Ensure you are prepared and have read through your CV. Have a Good WiFi connection and do not forget to dress appropriately, the interview may be from the comfort of your home however it is still an interview nevertheless.

Ellice Holt - Lead Consultant:

Make sure you position the camera at eye level and ensure you have sufficient lighting.

James Gilbert - Lead Consultant:

Make sure you are in an environment with no noise distractions and looks professional. Distracting or unprofessional backgrounds can impact the message and impression you are trying to portray

Megan Palmer - Lead Consultant:

Ensure you are familiar with the interview software ahead of the interview.

So there you have it, those are the top tips from RedHolt for candidates to remember prior to a digital interview. RedHolt are here to help any candidate with any advice they may require. Be sure to follow RedHolt on all social channels to keep up to date with new job posts, industry news and more.

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