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Enhancing our value

We have always taken pride in Client and Candidate experience, and how our subject matter expertise in what we do equates to results. But when you want to go further and add more value, it's hard not to constantly ask yourself what else in addition you could be doing. We do. And I am proud to say that some of the ideas we have been incubating and trialing are now part of our standard approach. Nowadays, when you use RedHolt you can expect: - thorough screening using our 6 degrees of potential method - NDAs electronically signed for all confidential roles - a project plan with dates - 3 minute Video Interviews to be provided for all candidates on the shortlist - a hosted campaign day with our staff on-site to facilitate The 6 degrees of potential is a way of ensuring that we consistently evaluate candidates in a thorough and professional manner. We are proud to have worked with external consultants from EFFSQUARED on this model and have taken all of our consultants through training on this. So now, when we present our shortlist we provide the coversheet and CV, but we also provide a candidate radar so you can see how they all compare, as below: We ensure that candidates get a clear view of each dimension, as well as how the candidates compare, as below: We also ask the candidates who we think offer the highest potential to respond using our video interview platform to 3 questions. They can be questions that the client selects, or we can craft the questions for you then secure the clients approval. When RedHolt submit a shortlist now, we triangulate the insight into the candidates between the CV, our write up, reflections of the 6 dimensions of potential that candidate offers and the video interviews for that candidate. It creates a very compelling feeling of proximity and intimacy to the shortlist for a client. Finally, the selection day is a fantastic way to create a crisp and professional conclusion to your selection process. Usually, the client select 4 or 5 candidates and we orchestrate a day where all candidates do 1st, 2nd and final interview in one day. We then host a structured decisions session to crystallise the day. 95% of the time an offer is extended from the wash-up which we immediately secure with the candidate and take them off the market. Clients and candidates love this format and feedback is very positive. It also makes us employees of RedHolt very proud to have such a structured product, and to see it adding so much value. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact me at

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