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 Everyone has access to the science, Captivating the attention of candidates and securing credibility is the art


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Structured Hiring


In 2020 we unpacked our entire executive search product and re-engineered it with a view towards the world ahead of us after the pandemic.

This meant that we needed to protect and even enhance the quality of our product, whilst also trying to drive new digital characteristics into the search and delivery of the selection components. The signature of our search product has always been the immaculate attention to detail. From the initial instruction to proceed, across the role briefing, long listing, submission of the digital shortlist and finally the orchestration of a digital campaign day, we were passionate about ensuring that the next version of our product would exceed all expectations. 

We also redesigned small aspects of the process that usually go totally unnoticed. For example, after-care for candidates that do not get selected for the shortlist are on plugged in to a new practice that we have started to maintain intimacy with high potential candidates. We also re-orientated our commission structures to reward consultants to deliver search assignments to attract a strong and positive score from clients and candidates once the search assignment is complete

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Full Spectrum 

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Our Hybrid RPO solution liberates in-house recruiters from being bogged down with the heavy lifting of candidate identification, attraction and shortlisting.  Consultants who have proven themselves in the world of agency delivery often want to work in-house to use their advanced stakeholder management skills and work on more strategic recruitment projects.  But sourcing is a time intensive job and requires a specific attitude and mindset. 


RedHolt are providing an answer to this problem that allows companies to realise the benefits of having an in-house team.  Our Hybrid RPO model is underpinned by LinkedIn Recruiter platform, meaning we invest into the most powerful foundation for our offering.  We develop compelling Talent Attraction scripts for our local teams in the UK and Kuala Lumpur to engage candidates with and work as a seamlessly with in-house recruiters.   RedHolt thrive on the initial candidate identification and attraction and generation of shortlists.  Overall benefits; in-house team are more productive, candidates receive a compelling experience from the first engagement and all assured by one of the most solid platforms globally.  

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Redholt +


In the same way that businesses are in a period where most need to reflect on the best way to operate, considering how to counter the challenges and embrace the opportunities to recruit in today’s market is one of the most important strategic considerations.


RedHolt+ is a product designed to provide temporary support on how to formulate and implement recruitment strategies. Our access to some of the worlds foremost experts on all aspects of recruitment is is something that we want to offer to the market.


We have done this by creating a clear and easy to understand modular approach where clients can select key topics that are of importance to wherever they are in their talent strategy, and mobilise subject matter experts from RedHolt plus to come in and provide services that enable world-class procedures. Examples would be, how to select and implement your A/T/S, how to integrate digital interaction, and employee retention strategy.

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